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Seasonal Care for Skin Beauty

The variability of the seasons can affect the balance of our skin as much as the rhythm of nature. Each new season begins a different dance with our skin. Our skin has different needs at each step of this dance. Therefore, skin care according to the seasons is of great importance. Here are some tips on seasonal skin care...

Tips for the Four Times of the Year

Skin care is important in every season because each season has its own unique effects. Here are skin care tips for the four times of the year.

Spring Care

With the arrival of spring, your skin wakes up. It is time to moisturise and refresh your dry skin in winter. You can revitalise your skin by using light moisturisers. Also, do not forget to use sunscreen during this period when the sun starts to increase.

Summer Care

Summer is when the sun is at its brightest and it is important to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Broad spectrum sunscreens are important against sun spots and premature ageing. Drinking plenty of water and preventing dry skin with light moisturisers is also the basis of summer skin care.

Autumn is Restorative

Autumn is the time to repair summer sun damage and revitalise the skin. You can renew your skin by using exfoliating products and antioxidants. Also, products containing vitamin C can help revitalise the skin.

Winter Care

In winter, cold air and indoor heating can dry out your skin. Therefore, skin care should especially focus on moisturising. You can prevent skin dehydration by using thick and intensive moisturisers. Continuing to use sunscreen and using products that strengthen the skin barrier is also an important part of winter skin care.

You can keep your skin healthy and beautiful by personalising your skin care in every season. Skin care is personalised and should be tailored to your skin's needs. By creating the right skin care routine, you can have healthy skin in every season of the year.

Remember that our skin care specialists can help you create a personalised skin care routine. They choose the most appropriate products and treatments according to your skin's needs. We are here to help you emphasise your natural beauty in every season.

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