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Defy Time with the Plasma Pen: Youthful and Radiant Skin

An innovative beauty experience awaits you at Vivabelle Beaute: Plasma Pen.This is the way to say goodbye to wrinkles and signs of ageing on your skin. Discover the miracle of this modern technology and the expert touch of Vivabelle Beaute.

Rejuvenate with Plasma Technology

Plasma Pen is a method used to initiate a natural rejuvenation and regeneration process in your skin. The energised plasma gas contacts the skin and creates micro wounds. These wounds trigger collagen production in the skin, thus tightening the skin and reducing wrinkles. At the same time, plasma pen targets spots and scars, renewing your skin like a new page.

Natural and Glossy Results

Vivabelle Beaute's team of experts knows plasma technology down to the finest detail and offers customised solutions for your beauty goals. After the Plasma Pen procedure, you will enjoy the natural radiance and youthfulness of your skin. In this beauty journey, you will be supported in every way by Vivabelle Beaute's care guidance.

Healing Process and Long-Term Beauty

The small wounds on the skin after Plasma Pen application heal in a short time and the skin regenerates itself. This process usually takes place within 5 to 10 days. Even immediately after the procedure, you will begin to observe the rejuvenation effects on your skin. In the long term, you will feel the feeling of youth and vitality brought by plasma technology on your skin.

Rejuvenation Experience with Vivabelle Beaute's Expert Touch

The best guidance on your beauty journey with the Plasma Pen comes from Vivabelle Beaute. Our team of experts combines plasma technology with a personalised experience. If you would like to experience this modern beauty method for youthful and radiant skin at Vivabelle Beaute, we are waiting for you!

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